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Ray (Reza) Pad
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Welcome to JOYYAH

The dynamic fusion of joy, inspiration, and creativity! 

At Joyyah, we firmly believe in the life-transforming potential of the mind, creativity, and inspiration. Ray Pad founded JOYYAH with a mission to nurture holistic well-being, addressing the mind, body, and financial health inspired by a profound higher purpose. He has dedicated years to helping individuals achieve personal and professional goals. With a diverse background of working with entrepreneurs, professionals, and students, he employs a coaching approach that enables clients to discover their true purpose and passions. We truly believe that success is attained by unlocking the full potential of the mind and drawing inspiration from a profound spiritual connection with our divine source.


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Better insights on overcoming challenges.

Mahla Morteza


OC SkinCare Center, Inc.

Newport Beach, CA

As a business owner managing both my new venture and personal life, I faced numerous challenges. Fortunately, my coach from JOYYAH excelled in business coaching, skillfully balancing the demands of my professional and personal spheres. Thanks to their guidance, I achieved challenging business objectives, fostered stronger professional and personal relationships, and attained a greater sense of balance in my life. Ray, in particular, instilled confidence in my business vision and Working Solutions.

I am grateful for Ray's support from JOYYAH and wholeheartedly recommend it to my family and friends.

Embark on your journey to success by visiting today.


Arman Shaygan

Mortgage Officer


Mission Viejo, CA

Your message is clear and communicates your positive experience with Ray and JOYYAH. However, I've made a few adjustments for smoother flow and clarity:

"I engaged in coaching sessions with Ray to navigate the challenges in both my business and personal life. When I welcomed my first child, Ray's guidance proved unbelievably helpful. I feel incredibly happy and blessed to have found Ray and JOYYAH, and I will certainly recommend JOYYAH to my friends and family.

Ray possesses an unparalleled ability to analyze life challenges and provide effective solutions, making each session truly remarkable. 

What distinguishes Ray is his skill in breaking down complex issues into manageable components. 


Saman Parsi


SPEC Corporation, Inc.

Irvine, CA

I collaborated with Ray to build confidence and enhance my capabilities in operating my own business. He provided me with clarity and tools to overcome bottlenecks and obstacles in my business.

Ray demonstrated a deep understanding of my business challenges, showcasing his ability to analyze operational intricacies and propose effective solutions swiftly. What truly stands out is not just his strategic insight but also his commitment to ensuring that these insights translate into tangible improvements.

You should visit and book your first appointment to experience the excellent quality-of-life coaching services.

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