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  • Why JOYYAH?
    Here's why choosing our services could be a game-changer for you: 1. Comprehensive Approach: Our life coaching services offer a vast and diverse array of coaching areas, including life, business, career, and spiritual guidance. Whether you're seeking clarity in your personal life, aiming to advance professionally, or exploring your spiritual path, we have tailored coaching programs to address all aspects of your journey. 2. Proven Results: Our track record speaks for itself. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results to our clients. Time and again, individuals who have embarked on coaching journeys with us have experienced transformative shifts in their lives. Our commitment to your growth is unwavering, and our results are a testament to that commitment. 3. Expert Coach: Your coaching experience is only as good as the coach guiding you. Rest assured, our coach is not only highly educated with a master's level background but also boasts extensive years of hands-on coaching experience. With a profound understanding of human behavior, business science, and career structure, our coach can effectively guide you toward your desired outcomes. 4. Leadership Experience: Our coach's diverse experiences set us apart. Having held top-level management and CEO positions in reputable companies, our coach understands the intricacies of leadership, decision-making, and navigating challenges. This practical wisdom is woven into our coaching approach to provide well-rounded guidance. 5. Testimonial Videos: Don't just take our word for it; hear from the success stories themselves! We're immensely proud of our client's journey and the remarkable transformations they've achieved. Our website features testimonial videos from individuals who started their journey with us and have continued to flourish under our guidance for many years. Choosing our life coaching services means choosing a holistic personal growth and development approach. We're not just a coaching company but your partners in the journey towards your best self. With proven results, an expert coach with years of experience, and inspiring testimonials, you can confidently take a step toward a brighter, more fulfilling future. Your success is our success, and we're excited to embark on this transformative journey with you Helpful Links Follow us on Instagram Testimonial-Video Click>> Testimonial-Video JOYYAH has a tope-rated account on Google
  • Tell me more about the process
    Assessment: We address your challenges to provide you with the right solutions based on your personality and capabilities. This involves - Asking questions to know you better. - Creating a more precise image of your challenges. - Identifying your talents, strengths, capabilities, and potential. - Letting you gain reasonable and logical encouragement and power. - Helping you to identify the right goals. - Helping you create the right plan. - Providing support to start the progress. - Maintaining the process together. Plan: You will create a plan based on new perspectives you gain about yourself and your life. Progress: Receive consultation support during the process of enacting your plan.
  • What services do you offer?
    We offer the life & business coaching with the following breakdown. Life: COVID-19 Challenges Relationships Personal Growth Career Spiritual Business: COVID-19 Challenges Executive Coaching Confidence Coaching Business & Family
  • How can I get my life coaching session/s?
    There are two ways to start your coaching services. 1- Click on Book Online tab from the main menu and choose your desired service to book your appointment “Regular rate for booking a single appointment.” 2- Click on the Plans & Pricing tab from the footer and choose your plan. You may “ Save up to 30%.” It is better to purchase a plan and save money as you usually need more than a single session, so you use a discounted rate, and you can book your appointments in advance.
  • What is career coaching?
    1. What is the purpose of career coaching consultation? Our career coaching consultation is a valuable resource for individuals seeking career guidance. It offers expert assistance in discovering one's professional path, aligning skills and interests, and setting career objectives. 2. How can career coaching benefit me? Having a dedicated career coach can greatly aid in clarifying your career direction. Our coach helps you chart a meaningful and successful career trajectory by evaluating your strengths, passions, and aspirations. 3. What does career coaching for students entail? Our student-focused career coaching session is designed to support students and parents in navigating the realm of career choices. It's especially beneficial for college students grappling with major decisions. The coaching empowers students to evaluate their skills, interests, and goals, enabling them to choose a major that aligns with their aspirations confidently. 4. What if I'm uncertain about selecting a major? Selecting a major can indeed be challenging. Our career coach is well-equipped to guide you through this process. They help you explore various options, matching your aptitudes with potential majors and offering insights into different career paths associated with those majors. 5. Can a career coach help me understand my strengths and weaknesses? Absolutely. Our career coach assists you in comprehending your strengths and areas that might need improvement. This self-awareness is pivotal in making informed career decisions and capitalizing on opportunities that come your way. 6. Is career coaching only for students? No, career coaching benefits individuals at various stages of their careers. Whether you're a student, a professional contemplating a change, or someone seeking to enhance their career path, our coaching sessions offer tailored guidance to suit your needs. 7. How do I get started with career coaching? Getting started is easy. Simply click on "Book Now > " to start. Book Now >
  • What service should I choose to help my college student picking a major?
    Do you want to get career coaching sessions? Awesome You have the flexibility to schedule your coaching session through any of the three methods outlined below: Welcome Promotion Enjoy the special rate on your first appointment as a welcome gift from JOYYAH. Get a coaching plan and SAVE up to 30% Either Silver or Gold Life Coaching Plan is the ideal choice, offering flexible consultations including career coaching with up to 30% cost savings. Simply click on " Plans & Pricing" from the main menu and choose your plan. Book a single session "Regular Rate" However, if you prefer a single booking approach with a regular hourly rate, you can opt for our career coaching service by selecting the life coaching option on the "book online" page.
  • I don't know what service do I need, what should I do?"
    No need to worry! We have established a straightforward process to assist you in identifying your requirements and discovering the most suitable promotional offer for the services you seek. Click on “Start” on the main menu to begin.
  • How to contact JOYYAH?
    You are absolutely welcome to contact us at
  • What education will my life coach have?
    Your life coach holds a bachelor's degree in law and a master's degree in business administration and boasts numerous years of experience in prestigious roles, including that of a CEO. Read More >>
  • Does JOYYAH provide business consultation bundles?
    We have Business VIP Coaching Bundles to cover the areas of your business needs such as but not limited to; Registration, Operation, Marketing and branding, Employment, and also solutions for bottlenecks and obstacles. It opens new perspectives on how your business acquires assets for startup or expansion. Please provide us with additional information regarding your business requirements. Once we receive this information, we will promptly furnish you with the necessary details to initiate the process. Contact us at
  • I have a business idea to start my company, can JOYYAH help me?"
    Absolutely. We are always here to help entrepreneurs with their business ideas. Please provide us with additional information regarding your business requirements. Once we receive this information, we will promptly furnish you with the necessary details to initiate the process. Contact us at
  • How to find the JOYYAH promotions / discounts?
    Click on "Promotion" tab to discover our awesome promotion/s.
  • Can I purchase a Life Coaching eGift Card and send it to someone?
    You are welcome to buy a gift card and send it to someone you love on a specific date with your message. Click on “eGift Card“ located at the footer of the website.
  • How to open a free account?
    How to open a free account. Go to and respond to the cookie consent popup if you are a first-time visitor. Click on Sign up from the main menu and then click on sign up again for free account registration. Choose your option to sign up with Facebook or Google or email. Type your email address and password and click on Sign up. A welcome email with a confirmation request will send to your email address. Check your inbox and the spam folders in your email and look for a welcome email from JOYYAH. Open the email and click on, " confirm your emai l" button to complete your registration. You can easily customize and complete your profile information at any time. Click & watch video
  • How to purchase a plan and save money?
    How to purchase a plan and save money. Click on Plans & Pricing from the main menu. Select your desired plan (the system will give you the option to log in automatically if you didn’t log in) Payment: you are welcome to pay with a credit or debit card. Submit your card information, and you are good to go. - You can simply log in to your account and book your next appointment. ​Click & watch the video
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