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Jesus fish Logo with GOD

JOYYAH was founded on a profound inspiration from God, as experienced by its founder, Ray Pad. The essence of all our endeavors revolves around the noble mission of aiding individuals in attaining a healthy life through nurturing their minds, bodies, and financial well-being. Ray firmly believes that as we purify our lives, our vision becomes clearer, providing us with a more profound perspective on life. Practicing unconditional kindness in our thoughts, actions, and behaviors not only opens doors to a better life but also qualifies us for greater prosperity. Through active pursuit, Ray has achieved numerous milestones, attributing each triumph and challenge as a vital step in his journey toward discerning the true purpose of life. His ultimate aspiration is to share his voice with the world, catalyzing transformative change in the lives of others. Let us spread the word and join hands in realizing his DREAM.

Reza Pad - Life Coach at JOYYAH

Ray Pad

I crafted 'JOYYAH' to perfectly express the concept of the business. It embodies a profound philosophy. It signifies that while happiness is a crucial element in a fulfilling life, true contentment is found in a state of unwavering, unshakable peace, sourced from our Creator. This benevolent force, infinitely powerful and unfailingly present, is the bedrock of our existence. The name 'JOYYAH' seamlessly blends 'joy'—a universally recognized concept—with 'Yah,' the Hebrew name for God. Together, it encapsulates the notion that genuine and enduring joy emanates from the Divine, providing a foundation of unwavering peace and fulfillment in our lives. It is my life's purpose to share this perspective with the world and guide individuals towards the lives they rightfully deserve."

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